Sunday, 24 May 2015

Being Six

What's it like being a six-year-old? 

Well I am here to answer that question for you... it is fun and adventurous! Being six means you're still a young child that can get away with lots of fun while learning to start being a bigger girl.

I like playing in the garden with my daddy, he plays football and running around like a loony. Also in the garden we like playing hide and seek. There's not many places to hide but I still like it.When we are at home for the day and the weather is not so nice we play rough tumbles but mummy says we might have to be a little bit more careful soon as I am getting a bit too big for it. I don't think I am. Also, daddy is teaching me the piano and other musical instruments and we are in the middle of doing a song together that will hopefully be on my YouTube channel.

School is getting a bit harder, we have to work harder in class but it makes us better at what we're doing. I really enjoy doing maths in school as I think I'm quite good at it. For phonics I'm not in the best group but I find it really easy at it the moment so am going to get mummy to talk to the teacher about it as I would really like to go up a group. We will have to wait and see on that one.

When I'm with mummy it's more relaxing, we do reading, homework and drawing. And mummy gives me the best snuggles going whether we're watching TV together or she's reading me a story at night time. Mummy is in the middle of teaching me how to ride my bike, I'm getting there but it's taken its time and I get a bit scared that I might fall off. But as mummy says it's all about being confident. My mummy also helps with my YouTube, helping me put my ideas onto the big screen.

One down side about being six is that sometime I think I want to do things but I'm just not big enough yet and I get really frustrated with it and annoyed. But as mummy and daddy say, in time I'll be able to do it, it just takes a bit of time sometimes and practicing how to do it. I hope so.


  1. Great post, it's making me want to be six years old again - thanks for sharing x

  2. aww what a lovely post and I love your mickey mouse teddy