Tuesday, 12 May 2015

What's in my rucksack (Disneyland Paris)

Hello everyone.
Here is what's in my little rucksack that I took on the train with me to Disneyland Paris.
My mummy helped me packed it.

So first up here is my pencil case and paper as it's going to be a long journey. In my pencil case I made sure that I had a rubber and a pencil sharpener and of course a a few colouring pencils. If I didn't have them it would be a bit pointless bringing the paper.

Next up is my teddy bear, I had to take my Mickey Mouse one as he is from Disney and mummy said that if I lost him I could buy another one.

Food - well as it's a long journey and mummy said the food is expensive we took crisps, chocolate and a few other sweets. We didn't eat all of them but had a few of them and they were very yummy.

The last thing is Lego. I took a little bag of Lego so I could build some things on the way. I didn't actually play with it at all so next time I will just leave that at home.

That's whats in my little rucksack. Hope you enjoy it and please check out the below little video I did.


  1. Sounds you had everything you needed in your rucksack for the journey - hope you had a good time x

  2. I always used to take my rucksack with me everywhere when I ws young, and I had books and colouring pencils in it as well. xx

  3. I'm very jealous you got to visit Disneyland! It's one of my favourite attractions :) I usually bring my own snacks too! I look forward to future posts

    - KVL xo