Friday, 29 May 2015

Disney Part Two

I am back with my part two of my Disney blog

On this day we went into the main Disney park. We got in extra early as we are staying at one of the main hotels and as soon as we walked into the park we saw Mickey and Minnie. It was a great photo op... Mummy and Auntie Kelly said this never happens with them both together and it was a very rare opportunity, so we queued up for about 30 minutes to get our photos taken with them. I got such a big hug off Mickey and Minnie, it felt really good.

And as it was Nanny's 50th birthday she had a photo of them both on her own and they both gave her a kiss for the photo. I think she liked it. After that we went to find a few rides that were open. Not all of them where open, not entirely sure why but they weren't. We did get to go on the carousel and as soon as the fast pass was open we got on the Peter Pan Ride. We got really good times and didn't queue up and others had to wait about two hours, and that was a long time.

We had to queue for a really long time for the Dumbo ride, about an hour I think, and I really needed a wee wee.

After the morning in the park we went back to the hotel so we could have a little nap, that's what mummy said anyway, but we didn't and we ended up going swimming in the swimming pool instead. I really enjoyed it and once we got back to our room after swimming we went back to the park for the fireworks, which were was so cool. I thought I'd be scared but I wasn't. We even got some really cool Mickey ears that flash to the music.

The fireworks were great, I really enjoyed them as they weren't really loud and they were covered by the music so I didn't really hear them. After all that fun we went back to the hotel and had a really really good sleep.

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