Wednesday, 9 March 2016

February 2016

Well February has been OK but I have not been up to much. I had a week off school for half term and we didn't do much and I had my friend Sidney over to play, we made jelly and pizza together for one of my YouTube videos.

I have started doing Acro with Dance Shak and I am really enjoying it. I am getting more flexible and getting a lot better at the splits, I still can't do it fully but by the summer I hope I can. I am still loving my dancing but drama is getting a bit boring at the moment as it's full of baby games and only the last 15 mins is for the girls and boys my age singing and that's the bit I love.

I have been doing a lot of  practice with my school choir for the Royal Albert Hall, where I will be performing in March. I am very excited to be doing this and can't wait for mummy and daddy to see me on stage.

I have started doing singing lessons, not with a teacher though but with my daddy. I think my daddy will put me in for my exam this spring. It's only my prep test but I hope I will be able to pass it so I can start my grade one.

My YouTube is doing OK. I have stuck to uploading on Wednesdays and that is working for me. I  have 264 people, which is great.

Pizza making with daddy video 

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