Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Primark Haul

Mummy has been doing a bit shopping for me so I thought I would show a few things that she picked up from Primark.

First up are these cute Demin look pumps, I think mummy got them for our holiday coming up. I did have a pair of these last year but I grew out of them - they are great for walking around in and are normally very comfortable. My mum got a pair like this too but in a navy blue colour. These were £3.50.

Next up are these really cute Denim shorts with lots of mini hearts all over them, two pockets at the front and two

 pockets in the back. These are definitely for my holiday as we will not get the nice weather here for these until the summertime. Mummy got these in size 7-8 years so that they fit around my waist. They were £5.00.

The last thing is this cute pink and white dress, it is very thin and we may take it on holiday with us, not sure yet though. It has two pockets in the front but they are not that big so I don't think I would put anything in them as they would fall out. This was £3.50.

January & February Favourites Hope you enjoy watching

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