Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pizza Party

I had a great time at my friend Faye's Party the other day, she had a pizza Party at Pizza Express. She only invited a few of her friends and as I am one of her best friends she invited me. She also invited Keira, Jacob and Fletcher. It was a small party but that's the way I like it.

I didn't get any photos as my mum went shopping for a few holiday bits but I had a great time.
We played lots of games like Snake and Ladders, got a few sheets of colouring in and after that we made our pizzas. We had lots of toppings to pick from like ham, cheese, olives and mushroom. I put ham and cheese on mine and I loved it.

I got Faye a balloon from Party Delights, also a cute Tsum Tsum (Tinkerbell) with some other colouring things as that's what she likes doing, well that's what her daddy said to my mum.

I had a great time and a big Happy 8th Birthday to my best friend Faye.

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