Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Daddy's Day

I love my daddy lots, he helps me out with so many things. He teaches me how to cook as he is great at cooking carbonara and homemade pizza. He teaches me how to sing and I will be doing my singing test soon. And he make me laugh. And does make the best indoor tent in the world.

He also works very hard for me and sometimes does not get home until very late when I am already in bed fast asleep.

It was Father's Day a few days ago (I call it Daddy's Day) and we made him breakfast in bed, a cup of tea and gave him his card and a little gift. The gift was a film that he wanted called Spooks as he is watching the TV show of it at the moment. He loved it.

Also mummy made a nice Roast dinner for us, she's not the best at cooking but she did a great job and I ate it all up. That day daddy had a gig to go to so that afternoon he was out so it was just a mummy and summer afternoon.
I missed daddy lots that afternoon but I can have more fun with him at the weekend and maybe a bit tonight that if he's not home too late.

Please check out my YouTube, I am trying to get to 300 by my birthday in August.

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