Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Top Five Animals

So I am here with my Top Five Animals

1) Zebra
My favourite one is Zebra. They are just so sweet, I am not sure why I like them so much but I love their colour and they are very beautiful animals and seem so elegant.

2) Elephant
They are very precious creatures and we need to look after them. I call them the gentle giants of the Animal world due to them being so big. They don't like to hurt anyone, only if their family get hurt.

3) Penguin
The way they walk makes me laugh so much and they all walk in line, they just look like little cuddly toys.

4) Giraffe
They are so tall and get to eat all the nice leaves on the top of the tree. They have really long legs that look like they will fall down but they never do.

5) Monkey
They look like they are having fun all the time and when they are not they are just chilling out having a sleep or eating food. That would be a good life to have.

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