Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Other characters I met

I showed you a few weeks ago all of the Princesses that I met, now it's time to show you all the other  characters I met too.

 1)  Tinkerbell. I love Tinkerbell, she is my favourite one out of all the Disney characters. She seems fun and she can fly. I love her green dress and her cute shoes and the place we saw her had great big flowers, it made me feel really small just like a Fairy.

2) Flick the Ant from Bugs Life. He only had a few people waiting to see him so we jumped in the line to see him. He was so nice and we got lots of photos taken with him. Daddy liked seeing him the most I think.

3) Mickey and Minnie Mouse. As we were in Disney World we had to meet these two as they are the main characters to meet in the park. We saw them at Animal Kingdom and Mummy booked a fast pass for me. I loved seeing them here as they were in different outfits to what they are normally in and Minnie looked really cute in her one.

4) Joy and Sadness from Inside Out. I loved seeing these two as I had only watched the film a few weeks before we went to Disney. The line to meet these two was very long though. We even got a group hug with them and my Mummy and Daddy.

5) Goofy and Pluto. We met both of them at the same time and they are really funny together. I am not too sure what's going on with Goofy's outfit but it's a lot of fun. 

6) Mary Poppins. As she is from UK we had to go and see her and talk to her. We told her what the weather had been like back in the UK and she said that she will have to go back to the UK soon. 

7) Tarzan. I never thought I would meet him on my trip but we saw a tiny line and asked what was it for and they told us so we thought why not and waited as we were right near the front. He didn't say much.

Out of all these characters I think Tinkerbell has to be the best one I met, as I just love her.

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