Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Love of Dresses

I love clothing and I especially love dresses, I would wear dresses all the time if I could. So I thought I would show my two favourite ones.

First up is my most favourite one of all and the newest one of all. It's from the Sainsbury's TU range and even though I am only 7 year's old Mummy picked up size 9 as I am tall for my age.
It's a bright Pink dress with lots of flowers and some birds over it and has a lovely gold glitter belt that sits on my waist and bring it in. It is a little bit too big for me around the tummy bit.
The length of it comes just up to my knees.

This dress is great for a friend's party or even a BBQ. I wore it last week to my cousin's garden party.

Dress Number two is this baby yellow dress from Next. I got it last year as my favourite colour is yellow and I love this style of dress, it's like a shirt at the top of the dress and when you spin the bottom of the skirt it comes out like a princess dress. I think this will be the last summer I wear this one as it is getting a little bit tight for me.

I will be posting more photos of my clothing up as I love clothes so much and if you want to check out my Instagam there will be lots of photos on there of my dress and outfits.

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