Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My Love of Fancy Dress

I love fancy dress, why wouldn't you love fancy dress.
I have so many different types, mainly Disney ones, but I also have a few others that I buy for events at school.

My favourite non-Disney one has to be my Egyptian outfit. It is a little bit too big as it's the only size they had and I had to wear it the next day for school. My Mum made it work for me though like she always does.

I also have a maids one but I think I used that one for dancing at some point, I am not 100% sure though. 

I have a wish list of fancy Dress outfits that I would like, so I will give you my top five that I would like to buy.

Who wouldn't love to be super girl running around the house with the cape flowing behind you, and I don't have any super hero fancy dress outfits. 

 I am reading this book at the moment and I love the character of Matilda, she is so brave and she also has magic so that's pretty cool. This dress would be good for a book day at school as well.
I love the colour of this outfit, it's a nice light bright blue and looks very posh. This outfit would be great to take some nice photos in and would be very different to everyone else.

I like this one because it so bright in colour and it would be a good one if you have a friend that would dress up as a wolf so you can be a pair and walking into school like that would be great for book day.

This a different one from all the other ones as it does not have much colour on it and it's a bit of a tom boy one, and as you know I am very girly. It's brown and black in colour and you get a sword with it, this would be a great one to go to a boy's party in.

Let me know what fancy dress you like.

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