Wednesday, 13 July 2016

My New Tsum Tsums

I thought I would tell you all about my top five New Tsum Tsums

1)  Nemo
I think Nemo is great because they have given him a little Fin. He has his normal Fin then the tiny one on the other side. I know it's like that in the film but they have done so well.

2) Tinkerbell
She is my favourite Disney Fairy and I have met her, she was so nice to me and I love her outfit. She has really bright blue eyes that stand out too.

3) Fairy Godmother
Who wouldn't love a fairy godmother by their side. Well I would and I would love it if she could make a few wishes for me too (like being at Disneyworld everyday).

4) Joy
I still haven't seen this film but I love that Joy looks so happy all the time and her bright blue hair is so fun (I must see this film soon).

5) Ariel
My mummy loves this film so I have seen it a few times and now I love Ariel. I love it when she sings her songs and has lots of fun in the sea. I like the way the Tsum Tsum does not have any feet has her fin instead, it's so sweet.

My New Tsum Tsums

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