Wednesday, 20 July 2016

My Summer Reading

Over the Summer I will be trying to keep up with my reading so mummy and I are going to do a small summer reading challenge. We will be reading five books each. My mummy's books will be on her blog.

So here are my five books.

1, 2 & 3 
They are books from the Rainbow Magic collection of books. The first one I will be reading (well I have started reading) is called Danielle the Daisy Fairy from the Petal Fairies. So far it's a great book. It's about Rachel and Kirsty who go on holiday but they are also on a special mission to help the Petal Fairies.

The next one is Penny the Pony Fairy from the pet keeper Fairies. This time Rachel and Kirsty have to help Penny find her lost Pony.
The next book is another one from the Pet keeper Fairies but this time it's Harriet the Hamster Fairy. Jack Frost's nasty Goblins are determined to steal Harriet the Hamster fairy's magical pet.

4 The Tiara club Princess Emily and the beautiful fairy. Mummy bought this for 50p at the library as I think it's an old book so they were selling some. This one is about Princess Emily who is delighted when a beautiful young trainee fairy godmother arrives at the Princess academy.

5 My Secret Unicorn Friends Forever, this is all about Lauren who can't wait to go to pony camp with her best friend Mel. It's going to be so much fun sharing cabin riding ponies and having picnics but when she gets there everything goes wrong.

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